F1 the 1000th station Hanmierdu gains the championship large award of before Mei Ben undertakes the whole thing 3 stations surpasses Guan Yajun

Hanmierdu gains the championship. Graph / F1 official net

The hope that farad benefit means to challenge Meisaidesi to run quickly in Shanghai again undone. In the contest of F1 China large award that ends this afternoon, hanmierdudi is in hand of Mei Ben car 6 times field of Shanghai international racing bicycle gains the championship, this also is large award of the 1000th station surpasses F1. New sports season, mei Ben motorcade continues strong, large award of before undertaking the whole thing 3 stations surpasses Guan Yajun.

This sports season begins上海千花社区

battle, farad benefit is over to explode by Mei Ben. Two weeks of Bahrain large award before are surpassed, lekelaier’s racing car is last level occurrence breakdown is painful break cha上海龙凤论坛

mpion. This week comes Shanghai, it is large award of the 1000th station surpasses F1, farad benefit hold back strong should challenge Mei Ben racing bicycle. But discharge a contest to begin from yesterday, farad benefit is acting the part of pursuer all the time. The Bodasi of Mei Ben motorcade and Hanmierdu held a head to discharge the 爱上海同城

position that send a car, after Weiteer and Keke Lai Er tighten therewith.

After sending a car today, hanmierdu is bent in the first surmounted teammate Bodasi, after this is in all the time get run the position, the advantage maintains all the time control in 3 seconds. Bodasi says after contest, the racing bicycle when starting appears skid, bring about fail to defend lever.

Match middle, hanmierdu and insight of rich tower Si Han at the same time pull in, former used 3.2 seconds, the 3 seconds when latter is used. 2 racing bicycle of farad benefit try to chase all the time, er hits Weiteer and Keke Lai to cooperate for many times. But be in the 39th round, bodasi surmounted Claire stalking or branch, the plum approachs 2 racing car again before firmly was held 2.

Final, hanmierdu takes the lead in surpassing, pick the 6th times so that Chinese larg上海夜网论坛

e award surpasses champion, the station of the 75th cent that this also is him surpasses champion. Before 2 are taken in 1000 matches very special really, this is wonderful result to motorcade. Hanmierdu says not to calculate this weekend too successful, but this result makes him very satisfactory. Lever the Bodasi that gives fight wins second place, weiteer ranks the 3rd. I am very glad to enter the stage that receive award, but the competition is very formidable. We try to chase Mei Ben, but be not chased after,go up. Weiteer says.

This station is big award surpasses optimal car hand to belong to Aerben, he sets out to be over finally with the 10th achievement from maintenance division contest. Reciprocal the 3rd, jiasili changes red oxcart hand brand-new soft embryo, brush gave a station large award to surpass the fastest circle fast, the 6th is over he of contest also depended on a sports season new rule to take a minute more. (reporter Sun Haiguang)

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