Boerte is angry approve start of a race implement: History go up worst cake! The dodder along when my start of a race

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of preliminary contest ends man of bright and beautiful match, winning Daremenboerte runs 10 seconds 07, although promote smoothly, after Dan Boer is surpassed especially, feel malcontent to achievement, pointed to spearhead start of a race implement, anger approving this is the poorest start of a race that he had seen implement, bring about oneself cannot great start of a race, when the feeling runs groggy.

The show that Boerte has reason him dissatisfaction really and achievement, although set out before expression is very relaxed, stage individual show to camera lens, but lie however after start of a race from the back, back row of before 50 meters of ends is in the 4th, not bad Boerte second half Cheng Fali, just run 10 seconds 07 promotion.

Although preliminary contest is special to rich Er it is simple warm up, complaint still was sent after Dan Boer is surpassed especially, this is very bad, my start of a race when dodder along, yes, this is the worst cake start of a race that I had experienced implement.

I complete great start of a race without method, I am impossible to accomplish, look in me, I must want these to figure out. Because of start of a race implement it is not stable. Boerte still divulges he is early discovered a problem, actually, I discover myself when warm up by start of a race implement pushed, I am to suit hard really, feel this thing is not st上海夜网论坛

able, the equipment before unlike is so strong.

Common people all knows, boerte will be alive bright and beautiful contest ends regressive battle, because this rich Er is especially alive,the every time on bright and beautiful contest appears to be able to cause sensation, 100 meters of preliminary contest he also is t上海贵族宝贝交流区

he hurrah that be mixed by applause is surrounded, to be held in both hands by heat, boerte say: People always is so enthusiastic to me, letting me know is how to love me, I am full of here appreciate and excited.

World bright and beautiful surpasses day of the 2nd race, will have a man battle of 100 meters of flying National People’s Congress, boerte whether realize world bright and beautiful to surpass this project 3 Lian Guan, suffer common people to expect fully. Nevertheless, boerte preliminary contest is incommensurate start of a race implement, do not know whether solve this problem as soon as possible, although the ability with Boerte, enter semifinals unchallenged, but any detai上海千花网论坛

l problems can affect finals success or failure.

Be worth what carry is, although get start of a race implement influence, preliminary contest achievement is not quite good, dan Boer is especially before terminus or saw other mate, explain his actual strength is preeminent, and look in rich color company, boerte still gains the championship the first popular.

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