Crytek edition ” the road that seek to live on ” living still government affirms in still be being developed

Not only two VR blow hard this year ” Pan Yan ” and ” Robin inferiors: Journey ” , and additionally two traditional game ” destiny arena ” and ” Ahriman hunt is killed ” in also be being developed. These two game were announced 2014 from the back, but from 2014 since bright all the time the message is poured out of.

Good news is game stylist Niklas Walenski affirms ” destiny arena ” and ” Ahriman hunt is killed ” these two game are living still, still developing. He says to hope to be able to publish new information as soon as possible. Allude the information that we go up in E3 likely or can see these two play are new before E3.

” Ahriman hunt is killed ” be free movement of the 3rd person shoots play, set respect feels and ” the road that seek to live on ” some are similar, it is person of fight the enemy of hunt of 4 people collaboration. Different is ” the road that seek to live on ” it is the first person, and this making is the 3rd person. Additionally this is a net swims actually, player need is online go up and enemy of confrontation of other player cooperation, this mix however recent ” battle hammer: The plague of last phase of an age ” resemble quite.

” Ahriman hunt is killed ” it is arena with 19 centuries second half, use CE3 engine development, the plan lands PC, PS4 and put on sale of Xbox One platform.

And another is made newly ” destiny arena ” , this is game of a free 5v5 MOBA, by development of atelier of Crytek the Black Sea.

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