Younger sister of lovely milk cow appears ” Saierda is incomparable: Hailaer stars completely “

2016 WonderCon of American los angeles is moved free exhibit on, we get message 3DS and WiiU edition ” Saierda is incomparable ” will join beautiful jade of new woman role Ma.

Ma beautiful jade appears the earliest in GB platform ” Saierda is fabulous: Dream of an island ” , it is a lovely girl that saved Lin Ke. Be in later the Chengdu of farm girl Ma that Saierda comes on stage in fabulous series is the part that has modification for the foundation with Ma beautiful jade.

As ” Saierda is fabulous: Dream of an island ” one of content that thematic DLC wraps, content of 3DS edition DLC abounds quite relatively: Play of mode of two the weapon of the demon dress package that other content still has 3DS, female Lin Ke, challenges and a new venture mode map. And the new weapon that this DLC content of WiiU edition has Ma beautiful jade and female Lin Ke only.

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