This picture is done obeisance to took! ” demon animal ” newest prevue shock gives the motion picture furnace

The demon unreal movie that makes together by blizzard, round-the-world movie and TV, legend movie and TV ” demon animal ” the international edition that issued 1 minute today is new premonitory, the couplet of smooth evil spirit of industrial smooth evil and dimension tower atelier sleeves made specially good effect comparatives shock, capital of animal of vulture of person of animal of grandiose human castle, tremendous frost wolf, green skin, lion is all and unvarnished return, under photograph comparing, originally ” demon animal world ” the picture of game appears a little pallet.

Tribal leader Du Longtan and Sa of allied cacique the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces were shown this before the prevue of the news briefing, establish allied forces to be determined greatly for tribe and alliance severally, wonderful battle scene is from the back, go into battle of a suit of armour of Jia Luo Na, rabbi card heart adds exert to be enrolled greatly, article of Mai Di of the person that guard also comes on stage eventually.

The film ” demon animal ” adapt from blizzard game ” demon animal world ” , by ” source code ” director Deng Kenqiong this hold guide, chinese star Wu Yan ancestor be in piece in personate Gu Erdan.

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