” storm hero ” will gain new ground ” lose cavern ” battlefield of Chan Bing line

 On March 17, ” storm hero ” a Xin Yingxiong was announced formally, come from ” interstellar contend for hegemony 2 ” Ha Ka of heart of primitive different bug. Now day ” storm hero ” transmitted new message again, this making be about to receive a brand-new battlefield map, the name is: Lose cavern.

   Map of lose cavern battlefield will be done not have any map mechanism, this is battlefield of line of a simple soldier. Additional, this map can be in only in defining game oneself, use.

 Map of lose cavern battlefield has a narrow arms line only, let bilateral player can lie all the time in intense round battle. Furnace stone effect and initiative position result also will be moved to divide, such heroes do not have reason from the evacuate in round battle. In the meantime, resumptive ball can be in each strategic positions on battlefield are periodic refresh, let a battle can go down continuously all the time.

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